March 28, 2015 Darren Varley

Weekly Feature: How Big Is The Cost Of an Unplanned IT Outage?

viawestAccording to an Emerson Network Power Survey, businesses who experience an outage lose $5,000 per minute on average in downtime cost and Deloitte & Touche states that 50% of businesses without a business continuity plan fail following a major disruption.

In the likelihood of a disaster, the continual operation of your business is dependent on your ability to replicate your IT systems and data. Many businesses must also consider regulatory and compliance requirements which require them to secure their data safely so it can be immediately retrieved.

What is your disaster recovery plan? Allow the experts at ViaWest to provide the backup solution that your business needs. ViaWest’s backup and replication options provide a variety of capabilities to support disaster recovery and business continuity.

Additionally, we have certified compliance experts to help you ensure compliance is built into your plan.

ViaWest has a 100% commitment!

  • 100% network availability
  • 100% power availability
  • 100% redundant hardware availability
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee