September 1, 2020 admin

The sooner you transfer your business to the cloud, the better

In today's online world, transferring your business to the cloud makes sense. Learn more about the advantages here.

???????????????RightScale’s annual “State of the Cloud” report for 2019 found that 94% of American businesses have made the transition to cloud-based servers. If your business is one of the 6% of organizations that hasn’t, it’s worth considering.

Everything happens online these days, and that isn’t going to change. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of companies are doing everything online, allowing employees to work remotely and collaborate with one another from different cities and states.

There are dozens of reasons to make the transition to the cloud, but let’s take a closer look at three, in particular:

1.) Reduce costs. Housing a server room at your business’s physical location isn’t cheap. Modems and monitors require regular maintenance and upkeep, not to mention air conditioning at all times of the day and night. Additionally, if a natural disaster such as a thunderstorm or tornado occurs, you could lose power (and connectivity) for days or even weeks at a time. That can quickly result in costly repairs and the need to replace thousands of dollars worth of equipment. When you operate on the cloud, everything’s digital. That’s good for efficiency and your bank account.

2.) Free up IT resources for other work. As a small- or medium-sized business, your bandwidth needs constantly fluctuate. When your servers exist in a physical location, there’s little room to reassign these resources. If you want to add equipment, you’ll need to invest a significant amount of money and manpower. Downsizing presents its own set of challenges. When you move to the cloud, you can adjust your needs on the fly.

3.) Monitor equipment from anywhere. Transitioning your business to the cloud allows for greater transparency. When all of your servers and IT equipment exist in the digital space, you can monitor it remotely, whether at home or in another country. This convenience makes it easy to upgrade software, access files or share necessary information with team members.

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