January 17, 2018 Elaina Acheson

How to have a Failsafe SD WAN

Failsafe Software Defined WAN
A Talari SD-WAN solution delivers a resilient network that ensures application availability while lowering cost. The following are some of the leading capabilities and benefits of this solution:
Secure Cloud Access with Visibility
Talari extends the reach of the corporate WAN into the cloud by delivering an encrypted infrastructure with the performance, reporting and control capabilities a company requires to ensure a successful deployment.
Increased Application Quality of Experience 
Talari ensures that applications work without interruption, even in the case of link failure or network impairments such as high jitter, delay, or packet loss.
Change WAN Economics with a Hybrid WAN 
Companies can now modify their MPLS WAN infrastructure to incorporate low-cost, high-bandwidth broadband links that Talari technology converts into a business-class network.
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