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Ensure that cloud encryption is part of your cyber security plan with these four strategies

Businesses understand the importance of security in the cloud, but few are confident in their solutions. Understand the statistics and how to change the cloud encryption conversation with these 4 strategies.

111082592 - cloud computing conceptWith the rapidly changing landscape of technology, you can count on one thing to remain constant: you need to protect your data. A business without a thorough cyber security plan won’t be able to stay competitive or compliant.

As today’s technology moves to the cloud, that means part of your plan needs to include cloud encryption. It’s an essential piece of the cyber security puzzle. Understand why cloud encryption matters and what to do for your business with the following information.

Cloud Computing Statistics

The following statistics come from the Ponemon Institute’s 2018 Global Cloud Data Security Study and help paint the picture of the current landscape and how it relates to cloud encryption:

  • 79% of IT professionals agree that cloud computing is very important to business operations
  • 39% of organizations’ IT and data processing needs are met by cloud resources with an expected jump to 51% in two short years
  • 33% feel like their organizations are committed to protecting their information in the cloud
  • 57% don’t feel like their organizations carefully share information with third parties
  • 71% feel like protecting sensitive data in the cloud is more difficult with conventional security methods
  • 51% say it’s more difficult to control or restrict access to cloud data

The responses tell us two parts of the story. First, cloud computing is an important and necessary technology for businesses to compete. Second, security isn’t being handled well.

Part of the problem is that the conversation doesn’t include security with the cloud from the start. It comes up after a breach or issue has occurred. We talk about cloud encryption, or the lack thereof, after it’s too late. Take the following steps to change the conversation within your organization.

Talking about cloud encryption from the start

  1. Include the security team from the beginning when implementing any new cloud solution. From the Ponemon survey, only 21% responded that security teams are involved when selecting cloud applications or platforms. Even before you’ve chosen a product, bring in your security experts. For small businesses, they may not have a dedicated team or research. In those situations, turn to your vendor. Ask them who their security experts are. Drill them with questions. Include this question: “How can you help me to understand the necessary security measures I need and that this product offers?”
  2. Bring shadow IT into the light. Did you know that over half of corporate data stored in the cloud is not managed or controlled by the IT department? Ponemon found that this number has increased year by year showing the growing trend of shadow IT, which are software and solutions individuals and departments start using without official support from IT. Rather than punishing people for doing that, create a reward system to help promote the discovery of such shadow IT. Then take the steps to bring it into compliance by recording processes and procedures and implementing security.
  3. The cloud doesn’t have to be more difficult to secure. Most organizations today understand the importance of protecting their data, however Ponemon found that 49% believe cloud services make that more difficult to do. Change that by implementing an encryption strategy and apply it consistently across the business. Don’t wait for a breach to have that wake up call. Begin by performing a risk analysis, then taking the biggest risks and encrypt those first. (Working with Broadline Solutions, your business could benefit from your internal team working side by side with us to meet and exceed expectations with secure, dependable and scalable cloud encryption.)
  4. Data encryption matters. The average organization has 13 applications that require encryption with an average of nine key management systems or encryption platforms, according to Ponemon. Over two-thirds (77%) agreed that encrypting data is important and that amount will increase to 91% within two years. With so many understanding its importance, do you think businesses are actually encrypting those applications that require it? Unfortunately, only 47% actually use encryption to secure the cloud. What these numbers mean is that we need to better educate businesses and employees on cloud encryption, placing more emphasis on stronger data protection.

If you’re ready to improve your cloud security and put stronger data protection in place before you get hit with a wake up call, our experts are at your service. Broadline Solutions has a dedicated Minneapolis team ready to work closely with you and your business to ensure your cloud encryption is top notch.