August 6, 2020 admin

Cybersecurity: Are you doing it right?

The potential for legal, regulatory, and reputational risk underscores the importance of solid cybersecurity best practices within every organization. Here's a look at a few of them:

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????As necessary as it is, adopting cybersecurity protocols can present resource and organizational challenges. Such obstacles often scale according to the size and complexity of the business. The following tips can help enterprises in all industries achieve a new level of security readiness:

Invest in training

Consistent training for all employees on cybersecurity threats and practices is a must. Such a program requires you to establish and disseminate a baseline level of cybersecurity knowledge within your organization. Hire external experts if you fall short in this area.

Make cybersecurity compliance second-nature

Training is only as good as its implementation. Take care to involve multiple teams and departments to ensure that cybersecurity becomes an organic part of frequent actions and common decisions. Encouraging employees to engage with IT or Security is one way to make best practices top of mind. Another way is to ensure that staff at all levels are surrounded by positive reinforcement of cybersecurity best practices.

Have procedures and protocols in place for how to respond to a security incident

Despite proper training, the inevitable may occur. Depending on the nature of your business, your training may already cover the process to follow in the event of such an issue. Regardless, it’s critical that all employees know who to contact and what information needs to be shared.

Automate good cyber hygiene, so it’s turnkey

As you probably know by now, cyber hygiene is a growing set of best practices designed to maintain the overall cybersecurity health of your organization. Training is one essential element, but automating best practices makes it even easier to experience positive outcomes.

Speaking of security, take care to find the right cloud computing provider. Among other things, look for a cloud service provider that manages security at the host, network, and physical setup network levels. Also look for multi-factor authentication intrusion detection, data encryption, access control system and enterprise-grade firewalls. Contact us today to learn more: (763) 235-2010