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Colocation conquers your compliance concerns

Conquer your compliance fears by partnering with an advocate: a colocation provider. See how these seven benefits will ease your data worries.

48877512_SSometimes saying the word “compliance” can cause a heart flutter, but with the right colocation services, you can alleviate the anxiety!

Offload your concerns and challenges to experts who focus on security and meeting regulations with specificity by using colocation services. If you’re looking for the best http://broadlinesolutions.com/, we’ve got you covered! Security and compliance audits are a necessary part of doing business with sensitive data. You can feel confident about your next one with the right preparations.

Depending on your industry, you have to meet specific guidelines to be compliant. It may be HIPAA, PCI, or very specific regulatory requirements, and setting up with colocation services can provide you with peace of mind through both preparation and protection.

Even with today’s rapidly evolving technology, one thing remains constant: the need to protect your data. Many industries tie this into their regulations for compliance. Businesses of all sizes, no matter their budgets, must take action to protect their information or face painful, and expensive, outcomes. It simply becomes a matter of finding the right technology. Teaming up with a provider of a hosted data center could be just that. Are you ready to align your business operations with your security framework? This might be the solution for you.

Colocation delivers compliance

You can’t afford to lose your data, which is why colocation services can be the best purchase for businesses. You partner with a vendor dedicated to supporting your operations through top-notch redundancy, reliability, and uptime.

Keep your data safe and meet compliance expectations through colocation in the following seven ways:

  1. Two-factor authentication: secure access to your data by using the best security. Cyber criminals look for the weakest link. Typically, this is an unknowing vendor or employee. With two-factor authentication, you help enforce strong security practices.
  2. Firewalls to protect the network: Keep intruders out with top-notch firewalls, provided by a hosted data center.
  3. Web firewalls to protect against SQL injection, XSS, etc: Don’t put your web-facing applications out on the internet without strong security measures. Businesses of any size are targeted.
  4. Secure and compliant backup and recovery: No matter how much prevention you have, there’s still a chance of loss. Include backup and recovery for your data.
  5. Constant monitoring: The sooner you detect malicious activity, the sooner you can address the threats.
  6. Encrypted traffic through VPN tunnels: Make sure your remote access is secured.
  7. Automated logs: Facilitate quickly identifying security events with strong log management.

These seven benefits of colocation will directly apply to your business’s ability to meet compliance requirements. They will also provide you with confidence. Pairing confidence and compliance sounds like a much better flavor profile than concern and compliance, doesn’t it?

You can simplify your compliance process with the right tools. Finding them may be the hardest challenge, which is where http://broadlinesolutions.com/ can be your new favorite partner. We’ve done some of the hardest leg work, negotiating agreements with domestic and global technology providers. And we want to share these negotiations with you and your business. As a master agency, our goal is to match customers with the right technology.

Hosted servers in data centers may be the exact fit you were looking for, whether or not you knew it. If the above reasons pointed you in that direction and you’d like to find out more, let’s chat. Our goal isn’t to sell you on our products or services. Our goal is to be your advocate. Let’s talk about your compliance concerns. Let’s review the challenges. We are excellent listeners, ready and willing to collaborate with you on finding the perfect, colocation fit.

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