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An introduction to wide area networks (WAN)

If you do business with people in other parts of the country or overseas, consider investing in a wide area network (WAN).

?????????????????????????If your business uses the internet for any of its day-to-day functions, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term WAN, but do you know what WAN is? Since we’re often asked this question, we thought it’d be good to provide a brief overview and explanation. Let’s dive in.

What is WAN?

WAN is an acronym for wide area network. In layman’s terms, it’s a network of data and information housed in various places instead of a single location. WANs make it easy to communicate with your clients and team members no matter where they’re located. They connect computers, fax machines and other electronic devices through a specific provider (like Broadline Solutions).

WANs are particularly beneficial for businesses that have clients in different parts of the country or world. Anyone who has access to the WAN can communicate with other users, store data and information, or collaborate, no matter their time zone or zip code.

How can I incorporate a WAN into my business?

In order to access a WAN, you need to partner with a service provider. At Broadline Solutions, we work with domestic and global businesses to negotiate the best possible WAN agreements.

If you’re interested in implementing a WAN, get in touch. Before making any recommendations, we evaluate your business operations and unique communication needs. Once we have a thorough understanding of the size and scope of your operation, we can develop a communications plan. Once your WAN is up and running, we provide an on-staff point-of-contact who’s available 24/7, 365. This point-of-contact focuses on keeping your WAN online, so you can focus on what matters most –– operating your business.

Can I continue to operate without a WAN?

It’s possible to operate your business network without a WAN, but only if you plan on remaining the same size forever. That’s because a WAN provides the technology needed to expand into other geographic regions, specifically those that are overseas.

If you choose not to invest in a WAN and decide to expand at some point in the future, you’ll be responsible for constructing and maintaining all of the necessary communication infrastructure. For most small and medium-sized businesses, that just isn’t possible. A WAN evens out the playing field by making access to the internet and cloud-based programs more affordable.

Ready to learn more about WAN?

If you’re interested in learning more about WANs, visit our website or call (763) 235-2000. We have decades of experience connecting businesses of all sizes and will be happy to assist.