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5 reasons to include colocation in your IT strategy

From security to saving space, colocation provides businesses of all sizes with great benefits.

14218760 - it engineers in network server roomYou need colocation as part of your IT strategy and we want to show you the impact it will have on your business! How you manage your data will make or break your business in today’s digital world. Our work revolves around our devices, our inboxes, and our online experiences. If you don’t have the right hardware and software to support robust tech that’s always available, you’re losing out on business and hurting your brand. The five reasons below will help you see how colocation is an IT strategy that fits businesses of any size, whether their data center needs are small or large.

With few exceptions, the costs of building a data center are high. Many businesses find it’s a struggle to provide one that meets the standards of security and maintenance. Instead, companies can turn to colocation. This market continues to grow each year, providing businesses with affordable access to facilities that meet these standards. Here are the five reasons you should be a part of it.

1. Secure facilities

You can save on the large investment required to keep your data center fully compliant by partnering with a facility instead. They’ll handle the work and manpower it takes to provide strong security in multiple ways. Colocation centers provide physical security such as fencing, walls, and even underground facilities. They have 24/7/365 surveillance. They are staffed at all times. Access to their facilities is secured through means such as photo IDs and check-in procedures.

A data center partner also provides strong data security, which includes multi-factor authentication and specific requirements as needed for compliance. Whether you’re in an industry that must meet rigorous standards outlined by HIPAA, ISO 20000-1 or others, you can count on a partner delivering compliance for your industry.

2. Space savings

Does your business have the floor space for a data center? Think of the list of high cost hardware and facilities you won’t need to work into your layout: servers, power requirements, cooling systems, redundant systems, and 24/7 monitoring. Rather than stressing over the large dent an enterprise-grade data center would make in your capital equipment budget, you can work with a partner to leverage their budget.

3. High performance

Can you provide a consistently cool and dust-free environment for optimal performance from your servers? If either the temperature or the air quality are implemented poorly, equipment will fail, adding even more costs to your data-center price tag. A colocation partner can provide you with a center operating at optimal temperature and using real-time air quality monitoring.

4. Access to experts

Every business has felt the impact of the growing tech labor shortage. It’s hard to find qualified candidates and keep them with your company when they’re in such high demand. Data centers can provide you with excellent, highly-trained staff. They’re experts in building and maintaining servers and infrastructure. Not only do you gain access to the facilities, but you also add to your team. These experts can become trusted advisers.

5. You still own control

You don’t want to lose control of your data when you partner with a colocation provider and you won’t. Instead, we’ll help you find a customized solution that scales for your needs and keeps the control within your team. The options are up to you, which is a huge benefit: you can upsize or downsize to meet your needs. Perhaps you only need a rack, but in the future, you’ll expand to a custom suite. With a partner, it’s a simple matter of adding to your services. If you had to do that in-house, it’s a big budget consideration.

Colocation to fit you perfectly

Broadline Solutions can help you partner with the right colocation services to support the growth of your business. Are you ready to find the perfect fit for you? Give us a call today!